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Introduction to:

  1. Stroking
  2. Skills
  3. Dance
  4. Freestyle
  5. Private Lessons Recommended
  6. Geared to Skating Test & Small Competitions







Jr. Group Clinic

Jr Group Clinic is ONLY available in our Fall/Winter session.

The Pointe-Claire Skating Club would like to introduce you to our Jr. Group Clinic.  We want to provide a program that introduces skaters to a complete program.  The program is for skaters who have completed CanSkate badge 6. This group introduces the skaters to Stroking, Skills, dance and Free Style. We will start with a brief breakdown of what each section stands for.


This is a section that helps to build the skaters the basics.  We use this time to work on knee bending, power and strength.  This is done at the beginning of each lesson.


Skills was brought into the Skate Canada program back in 1995.  This is similar to dance.  Skills were brought in to help develop the skaters edges and power.  There are three parts to each skill test. 


Dance works on edges, timing, and expression (both facial and body).  Dance is skated with a partner.  Our Group Clinic coach partners each skater in lesson. When ready to test, the skater is paired with a coach of the opposite sex.


This is the part of skating that the majority of skaters enjoy the most.  Free style consists of both jumps and spins.  The jumps at this level become more demanding and more detailed for skaters.  Spins become also more detailed and harder.  In this Clinic we will focus on waltz jumps, salchows, toe loops and loops.  More advanced skaters will also work on flips, lutz and start on the Axel.  The spins that will be focussed on will be the scratch spin (the one foot spin), backspin, and sit spin. 

Skaters at this level are strongly recommended to take private lessons on another day, but this is not an enforced policy. New Junior skaters may purchase ½ hour ice sessions instead of a full hour if they wish. This helps to give the girls more enforcement in the elements they are learning in their group lessons on Monday.  Skaters will advance more quickly if they are on the ice more than 1 hour a week.

There are different sides of skating. There is the STARSkate side and the Competitive.  The STARSkate side is what our Monday group is currently working on.  Skaters in this group are gearing towards skating tests and small competitions. 

Coaching availability will be provided at the beginning of the session.